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Have you tried integrating videos into your product promotions? If you haven’t already, I recommend that you do so, as videos are a great way to attract more attention to your products, as they are easy to consume and enjoyable to watch. Plus, you don’t need a film degree to make them. Product promotional videos are a gift to your content marketing strategy.

What are product promotional videos?

A product promotion video is a video that shows the product as it is and how it can be used. The purpose is to highlight both its features and benefits. Consequently, it works to solve the problem that both you and the audience are trying to solve. The key to keep in mind is that, like all your other content marketing materials, product promo videos are targeted at a particular audience. Likewise, effective promotional videos address your target audience’s unique pain points and shed light on the characteristics they specifically need. In the end, it’s the same message you’re chasing elsewhere. Just now, it’s simplified into a fast, easy-to-view video viewing experience.

Tips for making promotional videos

The way consumers interact with the videos should be taken into account when putting together your product’s promotional video. Don’t forget that your product is the star, but it is not the only key feature. Here are the boxes that you will want to check during the production of your audiovisual productions.

Tell a story

Your promotional video doesn’t have to have a narrative by itself, but it should have a beginning, middle, and end. For example, introduce the product at the beginning of the video. Show its features and uses in the middle. Highlight how much better someone is once they have used the product at the end of the video. If your story contains narrated elements, be sure to include subtitles so that people can watch your video without turning on the volume on their device. What if you want to go the narrative route? Go for it! It will be a bit more work, but there is a chance for a big payoff.

Target a specific audience

We have already mentioned it, but it is worth delving into it. Product promotion videos work best when they are created with a specific audience in mind. Opening your audience range too far could lead to the misunderstanding of your target audiences. Define well your target audience for the promotional video before production, particularly the problem you are trying to solve, how you will solve it with your product and how your product differs from your competitors.

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Be fun, engaging, and aligned with branding.

Boring promotional videos don’t get views and they certainly don’t get shared. For that reason, you need the promotional video of your product to be as striking as possible and show your brand’s personality. What you want to achieve is for viewers to associate your product with positivity and usefulness, and at the same time, make it stand out from the crowd. I recommend considering various elements, such as music, bright colors, and an attractive tone. Oh, and make sure your brand identity shines through.

How to use promotional product videos

A product promo video can be used in many ways. A video is a standalone piece of content with many different purposes. Some of the places you might want to put your video to work include:

  • Paid Ads
  • Commercial
  • Social media
  • On your website
  • Sales enablement materials
  • YouTube
  • Conferences
  • Email marketing
  • Sales and launch of discounts

So what should you do first? You can create your product promo video entirely from scratch, but if you don’t have the background or resources, it’s probably best to use a video template. Many online services enable you to purchase templates and then modify them with your product assets and branding. With these platforms, you can have your product promotion video ready in just one day, be sure to reserve some time for edits. Of course, you can choose a video editor that offers preset promotional video templates. It is also important that other people on your team see and criticize the result for being as productive as you are hoping for. For inspiration, you can see what others have done before you. A simple Google search can result in a gallery of very attractive product promotion videos.

To sum up

It may sound difficult for you. However, in this post, we have taught you what a product promo video is, what you need to include to be successful, and how to use the video to improve product visibility. As a plus, you will have the advantage that, by implementing them, you can push customers through the funnel of the consumer journey. Give it a try!

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