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Instagram is one of the most highly popular social media platforms with millions of active users every month. That is why it has a huge potential to grow online businesses. And brands are constantly trying to increase their engagement on Instagram to help their business grow. Today in this highly competitive market, brands are not just focusing on posting eye-catching pictures of their product. They also need to keep track of how their brand is performing by checking the comments, number of likes and shares on their posts, and even views on their stories.

Not only does focusing on these things will help you to increase engagement on Instagram, but there are also design trends that brands need to associate with in order to grow their business. Because without following the latest trends it is hard for you to get any engagement. An Instagram post designer is very helpful to create designs for your post. Their eye-catching designs will definitely help to build engagement.

We will discuss how to grow engagements later on but first, let me suggest to you some latest design trends that will definitely help to increase engagement on Instagram. You can also contact the top Instagram Post Designer who might make your job easier.

Here are the top 8 Design Trends to increase engagement on Instagram.

1. Wonders Of Nature: For the majority of the last year people stayed indoors with nowhere else to go because of the lockdown. But now when things are getting back to normal, people are thinking about traveling again. Whether breathtaking images of mountains or eye-soothing sunset, they are trending. And if your business is related to traveling then don’t wait to showcase some of your great captures of nature on your Instagram walls. These posts will definitely gather the attention of the audience and will definitely increase your engagement.

2. Animations: If you want your brand posts to stand out and create their unique identity then animation can be very useful for you. Keep your videos short using text and visual animations. Try to use multiple fonts, texts, pictures, and colors but don’t try to overwhelm the viewer otherwise it’ll leave a negative impact. But remember, the animations you are posting on your Instagram stories must deliver the message you have intended to deliver. The only motto of these animations is to attract more viewers to your posts and eventually to your brand and to help you stay ahead of the competition.

3. No More Filters: There was a time when using edited and filtered photos used to get views but things are changing and people are coming back to the genuine content. There are over 300 million pictures on Instagram with the caption #nofilter.

These are most commonly used by makeup artists because they want to display an accurate picture of the services they are willing to offer. And no filtered, minimalist, genuine contents carry their own value that cannot be replaced. The more genuine your brand is, the more loyal customers it’ll attract.

4. Collages: Collage is a work of art where multiple papers, photographs, or fabrics are onto a supporting surface. It is one of the best ways to showcase multiple pictures in a single frame. There are four different types of collages. Papier colle, assemblage, decoupage and photomontage. There are many reasons photo collages are better than any plain photos. Sometimes photo collages help to tell stories and also mark improvements. It can also portray different moods of you in a single photo. And generally, these photos gather more audiences and can help you to increase engagement on Instagram.

5. Retro Pictures: Retro is a style that gives your new picture the look of the past. And it is kind of cool actually. No one would argue that retro pictures are kind of soothing to the eye and no matter how tough the competition is, the vintage look it provides to your pictures will always help you stay ahead. These pictures are usually of very low contrast and low color grading and also contain noise. That is where it gets its vintage look which is both classy and different. And most importantly people love to see this which will obviously help you to grow engagement on Instagram.

6. Color Blocking Design: This is a design technique where you can use your own creativity. In this technique, bright and bold colors are usually used in blocks on a large surface and provide a distinctive look to the surface. If you are trying to increase the engagement of your profile and wanna make sure that the visitors must hit the follow button then this technique can be a game-changer for you. Color blocking can be achieved by having a strict color scheme that will connect all the posts of your profile and make it more appealing to the audience.

7. Muted Tone photography: This photography technique is very popular nowadays. May you also have come across this type of picture while scrolling through your Instagram. The muted tone is a photography technique where it gives a desaturated grey look to your photograph which can easily grasp your eyes. This technique works very fine when showing home interiors or bookstores. The dull and grey appearance it provides is very attractive and will definitely help you increase engagement on Instagram.

8. Only Text: There is one type of picture that attracts the audience but only contains quotations. Maybe it is said by some of the most influential people of all time or maybe you have written it on your own, these types of posts make an impact on the crowd. Different fonts, colors, or designs can be used to make it more attractive and also very fruitful when it comes to increasing engagement.

But you have to keep in mind that trends come and go. So rather than sticking with one fixed design, one should make changes in their posts based on the current requirements. That will help their designs/posts to gather more engagement on the internet. It’s good to be depending upon the needs of the market. Top Instagram Post Designers are very well aware of the trends that are currently active. Now you are following all the latest design trends but still cannot reach the desired outcome, then the following tips might help you to increase engagements on your Instagram. 

First, find out the best time to upload your post. It varies depending upon which time most of the users are active. It creates more chances for your post to reach more users or it’ll get buried down under other posts.

You have to maintain regularity. Things will not work the way you planned unless you consistently upload engaging content. This will also help your profile create its own identity and attract a much more audience.

Share facts and data through your posts. People are interested in this type of content more than ever. It will surely increase views and likes on your posts.

Share interactable posts as much as possible. Try to gather their opinion on your post, and maybe ask what type of content they are more into. And then try to post content based on their opinion. This is very helpful and keeps your audience engaged.

And one of the most important factors is to focus on the #hashtags. You have to keep track of which hashtags have driven more traffic to your post. Using hashtag analytics will surely benefit you. This is a great strategy to increase engagement on your Instagram gradually.

Instagram post designers are trained professionals who can help you in this process.

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