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The Backlink Checker Tools is nothing but a free backlink generator tool that is used to get a look at how many domains or pages are linking to your website. You can just have a click, and you can quickly get access to an abundance of backlinking evidence that will help you in organizing a robust Link Building Strategy.

This is also a necessary tool which is needed for your digital marketing. There are numerous and different kinds of backlinks provided to you, and they are significant to SEO.

Why are Backlink Checker Tools necessary?

Backlinks Checker Tools are used because of the most important parameters for ranking pages and also better keyword ranking. Using this tool, we are being given a chance to count how many backlinks we have created for our site.

A good number of backlinks helps enormously in improving and boosting the domain authority and also for the ranking of our website. There are many ways by which you can get backlinks for your site, but it is also very necessary to always start by using a backlink checker to check the existing backlinks for your website, and what your competitors are having.

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Some of the top-rated Backlinks Checker Tools are stated below.

1) SemRush Backlink Checker Tools

Semrush is one of the best Backlink Checkers to date. The mind-blowing and powerful tools will help you to analyze backlinks.


● Semrush makes it simple for you by allowing you to see how many total links a page linking to you has.

● Keep in mind the competitor’s backlinks. SEMRush helps you to view which high-authority sites are getting linked to whom and what sorts of keywords they are using for ranking, and so much more.

● The exciting feature of SemRush is that it helps you in specifying any queries related to low-quality links.

● It helps in listing the sites for you to target the backlink building.

● Semrush not only helps you in monitoring organic search results but also helps you in maintaining strategy, to prepare and in executing the PPC campaigns.

● It also manages the listing of product ads in Google Shopping campaigns in a much better way.

Price and Plan

Various sorts of plans exist for SEMRush. You have to pay $99.95/month. Another option is there for you, which SemRush offers. You have to pay only $83.28/month if you pay for a year in the beginning.

Another one is that you can get an opportunity for a 30-day free trial by going through our link to SEMRush.

2) LinkMiner

LinkMiner is considered to be one of the high rated tools to check backlinks. Just because it is a tool from Mangools, so all you need is an account of Mangools. The exciting thing is that LinkMiner gives you to filter links by nofollow, deleted, new as well as lost.


● The striking feature that you will love to try is the proficiency of ‘favourite’ backlinks so that you can come back to them effortlessly.

● LinkMiner shortlists the target of competitors’ backlinks. You can quickly check the competitor’s backlinks and replicate them.

● Another exciting feature assists you in keeping track or record of your backlinks that you possess, and you can yourself fix it.

● LinkMiner participates and makes your process much more useful by permitting you to save the links or URLs for later.

Price and Plans

LinkMiner is allowing you to try for ten days that is too free. But the price per month is $29 per month. Other sorts of packages are also there which change with due course of time.

3) BuzzSumo

Well, BuzzSumo is the latest backlink checker, and many people like it. It consists of exciting features which will help you to enhance your business correctly.


● One can only type in a keyword or a domain name to examine the most important content for that particular keyword, or the most popular content on that domain. It will show you the result.

● Just click on the link icon of any results, the backlinks for the contents can be viewed by you.

● The straightforward feature makes it mind-blowing as it helps you in finding the pages which get a link with your URL or domain.

● Another feature is that it quickly helps in filtering the backlinks to view from various periods.

Price and Plans

BuzzSumo comes in the free version. But the premium version is also there. It costs a monthly $99 and $79 per month if you pay at the beginning.

4) OpenLinkProfiler

OpenLinkProfiler is basically a free tool, and it helps you in evaluating the backlinks of any other domain. It comes from a paid tool and allows you to free access to link data. It is widely accepted throughout the globe.


● The remarkable features are that you can download 1000 links per website. You only need to create an account for that.

● Another outstanding feature is that it filters and one by one sorts out the results.

● OpenLinkProfiler gives you different alternatives for filtering backlinks so that you can replicate your competitor.

● It offers you another remarkable feature that is the abundance of choices and an enormous quantity of data.

Plan and Prices

This app is entirely free, so it is quite natural that you will not get all the facilities that other premium versions of Backlink Checker provide you. You only need to create an account to sign in for accessing the features.

5) Ahrefs

Another powerful keyword research tool for Backlink Checker is none other than Ahrefs. The main thing is it is not complicated to use.

One can easily handle it.


● The remarkable feature that only Ahrefs possess is that it is easy to see backlinks that you have lost earlier. These are the links which you once had, but now it has disappeared.

● Another feature that Ahrefs has is that when the time comes to evaluate the competitors’ backlinks, you can easily filter these by ‘Link type’ and pinpoint domains that you want to target yourself.

● Ahrefs gives you a tremendous quantity of options and a tremendous abundance of data.

● The Structure of Site report is one of the latest improvements in the feature of Ahrefs. It lets you demonstrate the subdomains and subfolders of your site in a tree view.

Price and Plans

Ahrefs gives you the chance of a 7-day free trial. After that, you have to pay $99/month. And if you decide to go for the whole year then if you have to pay $82/month.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) Which Backlink Checker Tools are best to use? Free or the premium one?

Well, this is one of the most critical questions. If you are a beginner and planning to open a blog or website, then it is better to use the free version, at least you will get an idea of the backlinks. But if you are dealing with foreign clients or rather I would say that you want to enhance your business, then you have to face your competitors daily.

In order to deal with these problems, it is better to use the premium version where you will get all the features and facilities of your desire.

2) What do the backlinks in the report mean?

After the completion of the loading report, you will be able to view every website, which is linking with your website. Please keep in mind that the links are useful!

In the eyes of Google, the links act as a vote. So the more votes your website gets, the higher it will rank it on the search engines. The readers or audience will reach your result spontaneously. So use the SEO backlinks.

3) Is it mandatory to use Backlink?

It is up to you whether you want to use Backlink or not. I would say that it is not mandatory, but using backlink checker tools will help you to know how many domains or pages are linking to your website.

It will help you to know the motive of your opponents, and you can progress in your digital marketing. 


So hopefully you got the full idea of using Backlink Checker Tools. This will not only help to grow your business, but rather it will also help you in progressing your business. All you need is to achieve the top position by removing your competitors behind. Use the free as well as the paid version, and enjoy the facilities and features.

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