Instagram stories download

Why wait for an hour, watch the stories for a limited time within 24 hours and compromise with the favourite stories as unable to see once again due to expire after 24 hours on Instagram stories. No worry now as day by day the online is getting an upgrade with introducing new things, a new app, new facility. Similar to the Instagram stories introduce the Instagram stories download to their users.

This is good news for users who love to watch the stories and inspire with the same. Now You can download the stories whichever is required whenever you like to watch from Instagram using Instagram stories downloader and save the same on the device without paying any charges.

Important of Instagram Stories Download

Nowadays everyone following something inspirational, something entertainment, something to learn or to explore knowledge searching offline or online on social media and Instagram introduces the stories downloader from which can download as many stories as you want to watch, to inspire, to entertain, to learn.

This is what whenever you feel a mind-numbing experience either alone or have an axe to grind so you can go through the Instagram stories and watch your preference stories.

Instagram shares sundry stories often and sometimes missed to save those stories on phones or computers. Hence to save Instagram stories as they expire within 24 hours, need to download the stories to watch them afterwards. Instagram stories are a fast and super-easy way to share moments and experiences.

Instagram stories downloading is free of cost, you can enjoy any stories till they last long without any charge after downloading from Instagram to your device.

Most people add Text, Gif, Stickers, Images with effects to bring stories the capturing moments reflective and insightful. You can save the Instagram stories on mobile phone and also on the computer following the below steps:


Following steps have to follow to download on mobile phones


  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  • Copy the username of a person, apart from the character, and save it to your clipboard.
  • Now paste username in input box and enter the Instagram Username and click on Stories button
  • The users Instagram stories incognito or download and hoard them on your .device for last long.

Download the Instagram stories on the computer.

  • Go to Instagram Stories page and open the story which you want to capture.
  • Do Right-click on the side of rectangle where the story playing on Instagram. Now you will get a context menu.
  • From the select menu Save as and you can select wherever you can save the web page and name it while saving.
  • Open file explorer.
  • Pilot to where you saved the Instagram Stories web page.
  • Name the folder and use large picture while saving to find easily Instagram stories with thumbnails
  • Now you can enjoy watching stories whenever you required.

Bottom Line

Follow the above steps and get the Instagram stories to download on your smartphone and the computer with no charges and long, lasting enjoyment, inspiration and entertainment.

Written by

Shubhagi Shukla

MBA in operation management, diploma in MIS and digital marketing certification from google. 7 years experience in co operative, and teaching profession