What Is Blog Commenting

We should know the meaning of Blog Commenting. Well, you can say it as the relationship between blogs, bloggers, and blog readers. You can change your ideas, express your thoughts and opinions. The main function of blog comments is that it helps in generating traffic and earns you money. Sometimes, we commit mistakes for which it has been noticed that it didn’t earn any visitors.

In this section, we will discuss some of the common mistakes that people often make in blog commenting. We should not make those mistakes. So, let us check it out.

1. Optimizing your name with a keyword in the name

The search engine optimization helps to know that the links from the comments are used mainly to pass a value to a page. But nowadays, links are not that important as they used to be. For instance, your comment might add value but it is the wrong way. Instead of the blog owner’s actual name, it possesses an exact match keyword. Pro bloggers realize that contributions from the readers are in the form of backlinks and comments. At the same time, you have to realize that every comment is not necessary.

2. Not using your full name in the comment

We often unintentionally forget to mention our full name in the comment. It is one of the mistakes that we commit. The writers and bloggers get interested when they find any comments using their full name. It is very important to use your full name. Don’t we introduce ourselves when we sell any products? If you don’t use your full name, then you are missing out on the golden opportunity to promote or expand your brands. Your brands should possess your name. It is a formal way to introduce yourself and to catch the attention of the customers. When you will write something, then you will obviously want readers to read and share your blogs. Now, if the readers don’t get proper information, then why will they share it?

3. Fake email address

Many people often use a fake email address. Whether they did it purposely or unintentionally, but the result and effect are worse. We can understand that it is not always possible to share your main email address. So, it is always better to use two to four email addresses. One of the great ideas for not revealing your email address is to use a pseudonym or a nickname. It is not always necessary to reveal you’re true identity, right. Why would you do that? So, it is always better to use your email address. You create one email address for communicating with your clients. Create another one for the blog commenting. So, always use your email address. The real email address will help to build trust with the target audience.

4. Writing comments that are not relevant to the topic

When you will write any comments, then you will see whether they are relevant or not. Many times it happens that you write irrelevant comments, or some visitors write to do in your blog. Well, let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with it. You will get the traffic to generate, moreover, the visitors may not convert into leads. But you should keep in mind that you should not make mistakes while writing comments which are not relevant at all. It is one of the reasons that many brands keep their comment section inactive. Another thing that you should know is that the irrelevant comments are considered to be spam messages and their ultimate place is in the trash. Any bloggers or readers want to read the other comment section with interest. If they find it irrelevant, then trust me, that annoys any person.

5. Asking the question

 Perhaps you know that several ways commenting on the perfect blogs perfectly is a chance of getting more leads. It is known to all that bloggers value comments much. Now, it entirely depends upon you what you want. For example, if you are reading something on the blog and not understanding anything, then it is obvious that you will ask something. The blogger will also get to know that some answers are missing in his content. Well, if you face any problem, then it is wise to seek some suggestions or to recommend a tool or equipment. The beginners are free to ask questions. They must know the details. The bloggers get annoys when they get to see the different types of irrelevant questions.

6. Spammy comment

Well, it has been estimated that most of the comments are spammy. Spam is all around the world. Researchers say that more than 80% of emails are spam. It is your responsibility that you should try to eliminate comment spam. You should follow some of the basic things for which there would be no spam comment. Follow it.

  • Always use your full name and real name.
  • A valid email address is mandatory.
  • Never copy and paste any article as your comment.
  • Try to write in a full sentence. Try to avoid one phrase comment.
  • You may link out to a relevant page. It is optional; still, you may try it.
  • Try to comment on industry blogs. It will help you more.
  • Never ignore the mainstream blogs. For example, try to comment on Mashable’s or Forbes.
  • When you will write the comment, address the blogger by using the first name.

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Try to follow some of the rules and regulations, then there will be no spam comments.


Blog commenting is one of the unique ways by which you can attract readers to read your blogs. We have given you some ideas by which you can generate your traffic. Follow the basic rules and helps your blog to earn readers.

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Pushpa Gupta

Pushpa Gupta is an experienced digital marketer with vast knowledge in SEO, SMM, Adwords, and a passionate blogger.