Money Making Apps in India

Money today holds an important place in our lives. There’s a famous saying that you can’t buy everything​ with money. Our version says that even though you can’t believe everything using cash, you can purchase something and almost everything by making use of cash. If you want to travel, the first thing that you will require is money. If you’re going to buy a beautiful dress, you will need money. So basically, Money Making Apps in India today CAN purchase everything, and those things can make you a happy person. 

Money-making today has become so important these days, and your regular 9-5 job can’t make enough money for you. Here in this article, we have included some amazing apps which can help you to make some extra money or win rewards. 

The most significant advantage of these apps is that they are entirely compatible with your smart phones, so by just using your cell phones, you can make enough money. These apps are free to download from the play store or iOS store and are easily accessible. The other gift rewards include Paytm cash, free charge money, and whatnot. 

These apps are also legal, and you are not getting scammed by using these money-making apps. These are genuine and reliable apps. 

Why should one go for such money-making apps in India?

In this article, if we are focusing on using money-making apps, that surely means there are some advantages of using this Money Making Apps in India such as.

●    Your best time killer- When you are getting bored, and instead of spending so much time on other games, you can quickly kill your time using these apps and simultaneously making money. So it would be like killing two birds using a single stone, that is, your smartphone. By just playing, you are winning money !! Your best time killer ever.

●    Flexible- To win or make money using these apps, you don’t have to sit for long hours. It’s easy. Play as and when you are free. No boundaries. You make money only when you play—total flexibility offering an app.

●    No capital- Forever business, you need a capital amount, big or small. That’s when you start making money. However, by making use of money-making apps, you don’t need any capital amount. 

●    Effortless- You don’t have to put much effort while using these apps. All you have to do is play and win.

●    Reliable and safe- These apps are not just reliable but also secure. You get to win money by using simple operations, and voila, your rewards and funds are in your account.

The main question​ that arises in anyone’s mind is how much one can make using these Money Making Apps in India. Well, the answer to this question widely varies. The earning depends​ upon the time you are investing and your potential of extracting money out of these apps.

Some apps pay you real cash through Paytm or PayPal, while some apps pay you through rewards like vouchers the next time you shop anything on Amazon or Flipkart. 

You can also increase your chances of earning more money and rewards by-.

● Visiting the App frequently to get in touch about the latest tasks could help you earn higher rewards.

● Give your 100% while doing any task. This is essential as whenever you are assigned a particular job, you must make sure you are doing it with keen attention and interest. 

Top money-making apps in India.

Here in this article, we are listing the top money-making apps in India that will help you to make some​ extra income​. Besides money, you also get to win great gift cards, recharge amounts​, discounts, and whatnot. All these by just playing !!

Here is the list. Enjoy.

1.   Rozdhan App

Money making apps in India

One of the fastest-growing Android apps in India for making money. This App allows people to earn money by performing small tasks.

All you need is a smartphone and a good internet connection. There are various methods by which you can make money using Roz Dhan App-like-

●    Downloading- Yeah, right, this App pays you for downloading the videos and sharing them with your family. 

● You also get money for uploading videos.

● You also earn money 0.5 for referring to your friends and family.

● You also get a signup bonus from 25-50 INR. 

● To increase this amount, you can attend various micro quizzes. 

● You can withdraw a number minimum of Rs 200 from your PayTm account. 

● The maximum withdrawal by any individual is five times a day. 

2.   U speak We Pay

Money making apps in India

Have you ever heard of an app paying you for speaking? No? Well, hers it is. In this App, you get to pay for speaking correctly the sentences given on the screen.

There are already 200k users of this App, and this App is completely safe. You can even withdraw a minimum of Rs. 25 using this App. This is much different from other apps. You not only get to improve your pronunciation but also earn by just speaking!! 

● All you have to do is download the App from the Google play store and then install it. 

● Next, you can also refer this to your friends and families.

● You have to choose your​ preferred language, and then you will find a record button

● Now the App will show some messages or text, and all you have to do is read those messages with correct grammar and pronunciation.

● After successful completion, you will earn money for speaking correctly.

3.   PhonePe

Earn Money Online

An indeed famous app that is highly safe as well. This is the safest most online money-making App available in India. This App is easily downloadable from the Google play store. Here the money transaction is also swift and secure. There are instant rewards, cash back, and refunds for using this App for money transactions.

Besides cash back, you are also liable to get gift cards in the form of discount coupons for the next time you pay bills or shop. There are various methods by which you can earn money using this App like

● When you split the bill with your friends

● Vouchers and discounts on shopping at Flipkart, myntra, jabong, and many more

● Paying bills for gas, electricity, mobile, DTH, and others.

4.   mCent browser

Earn Money Online

This is like any other browser with all the foremost vital features like bookmarking, custom home screen, ad-block, and many more. But what’s additional is that you are also getting a free mobile recharge by using this App.

All you have to do is accumulate some points that you get every time for using this browser, and after collecting, you can purchase a data pack.

The mCent App will reward you every time you browse anything on the Internet or read the current affairs or news, watch movies and videos, browse Facebook, scroll news feed, and many more, etc. 

Isn’t it great, you get to browse and simultaneously earn rewards and your data pack. How great is that? Next time you wouldn’t have to spend money for getting your recharge done. Instead, you can use this App, and voila, you get an accessible data pack.

This is all possible because mCent is the first-ever built-in browser that can benefit its users with an accessible data pack. All you have to do is scroll, scroll, and browse. The more you browse and use mCent, the more points you will get.

The more points you get, the best data pack you can get the recharge done. Worthy App for spending your data as you are getting it back too !!

5.   Meesho- Reselling products

Money making apps

Reselling is a fantastic way to start your home-based business. The most trending all in India, where you can resell products with total flexibility.

This is simply amazing for those looking to start their own business or become an entrepreneur. Many women who are housewives can opt for this and begin reselling products online to generate some extra income.

This can be their best bet for work from home opportunities as they don’t have to physically go out anywhere to sell products. 

● To get started, you need to have a smartphone and internet access. 

● Now you have to download the App from the Google play store and browse through millions of products in various categories. 

● These products are entirely available at wholesale prices, so you get the lowest price for any effect here. 

● Once you get the desired product, you can share the details with your contacts through social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more and then add a margin to your sell. 

● Once you obtain an order request, you can then place the final order and get the margin amount in your account. 

Right after its launching, meesho has grown tremendously, and its sales are skyrocketing. The reason being it allows its users to resell the products​. Becoming an entrepreneur and starting your business not only makes you confident but also provides ample opportunities to the people who are looking for some side income.

People are earning huge by just reselling the products and believe this is a big hit when it comes to money-making. However, it certainly takes time to build clientele, but once you get it, there’s no going back. You can earn huge profits by just sitting in the comforts of your home.

6.   Wonk- Earn money by Online Teaching

If you are good at teaching or teaching has always been your passion, then this is the most excellent App for you to make some extra income.

All you have to do is register yourself​ and start taking classes of the students from nursery to 12th. You can take any subject depending upon your qualifications. You can also take all the topics in the junior studies if you have full knowledge of them.

You get paid for taking the classes. The payment largely varies according to the course, and you can get a minimum of RS. 300 or as maximum as RS. 1000 for a lecture. The payment is processed by the finance department once the person starts taking classes.

However, before taking classes, the person must provide some authentic certificates and degrees to prove his qualifications. There are no such high requirements​ for teaching on this platform. A person can become an online tutor on this platform if he has the following capabilities-

● Graduate in any stream (preferred, but 12th pass can also apply for this).

● They must be proficient in using internet tools and must have accessibility to the resources.

● The person must have good communication skills as it is a teaching platform.

● Should neither be too strict or too friendly​ with the students.

● Must have subject expertise and knowledge.

Wonk also provides complete flexibility to the tutors as well for teaching. They can teach anytime when they want. Tutors have reported making an average income of Rs. 40000 a month.

  • Google Opinion rewards- Paid Surveys

Many paid surveys pay you to fill surveys, and in return, they offer you cash. These are easy ways to earn money online. One of the most popular and safe paid surveys in India is the Google Opinion Rewards app. 

 All you have to do is register yourself, and you will receive a notification on your phone whenever a germane survey is ready up for you. All you have to do is answer those questions and earn money using the App. The questions​ are straightforward to answer, and one doesn’t require much effort to answer them.

So now you can see, making money is not challenging. You are just required to do brilliant work and have a smartphone in your hand to make money online using the apps mentioned above. Technology nowadays has changed a lot, and one should also update himself to get used to it. So you must know how to do innovative work. 

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