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In the present scenarios of heated talks regarding the WhatsApp privacy issues, there is a need to address the 7 most popular messages apps. Here I will be sharing the top best messaging app picks that work with the internet connection. The COVID has thrown our lives into a haphazard pattern where you mostly rely upon the online tools to connect with your near and dear ones. Thus, you must be aware of all the available options.

I have prioritized security issues over choosing the apps here. All these that I discuss here endorses end-to-end encryption, which means that your messages are private to you. Not even the creator can have access to them.

So, without further talks, let’s dive in!

1. Signal

Apps for Messaging

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You must have heard about this precious app which gained a somewhat overnight sensation. Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s tweet was the cherry on top to make this app so popular at such a quick pace.

With over 50 million downloads, Signal has several trustworthy features. Talking about security, Signal comes with the E2E or end-to-end encryption that promotes privacy to its core. You get similar WhatsApp features in this app, thus there is so much confusion regarding which app to rely upon.

Other than E2E, there are disappearing messages which act as a real boon. If you want to commence your private chats, you can switch on the disappearing messages, hence your messages will disappear within 5 minutes.

The signal is a user-friendly messaging app that supports video calls and voice calls. This is an android and apple friendly app that you can use to perform group video calls on anywhere, even on a desktop. The beauty lies in the fact that Signal can be used to include unlimited people on the video call.

2. Snapchat

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With over 1 billion-plus users, Snapchat is a completely new form of messaging app. This messaging app mainly focuses on pictures and videos, thus you get bitmoji. Your identity is protected in Snapchat as you can connect with people through the snapcode where you needn’t share your cell number.

Snapchat has end-to-end encryption for all the videos and pictures you share. The text messages are highly conceited as Snapchat has a default disappearing mode, where all the media gets destroyed eventually. Yes, even the mp4 and pictures.

Snapchat might be odd for you if you are not used to this messaging app. For example, instead of default media savings, you need to tap on the messages to save them. Although the snaps taken get destroyed then and there. even the other user takes a screenshot or replays your snaps then Snapchat notifies you.

Your profile picture is a bitmoji profile picture/. This means you can create your cartoon “avatar” from the menu options. The interesting bitmoji stickers are a real thrill which is the reason why this app is so hyped among the youngsters.

The Snapchat story option can be private too since you get this feature where your story will appear to only your groups.

You can create and be a part of a group where you can share private stories which will be secured to the group only.

3. Telegram

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This 500 million-plus user app is the one you should choose if you want complete privacy. Telegram is the only messaging app where you can be a part of any group as per your liking. It supports several participants to join the group chat. Since Telegram believes in supporting users’ privacy, so you can directly choose to be in whichever groups you want to join or not.

You are free to access your texts and media through the cloud storage option. You can opt for the lock chats option to maintain a clandestine message safely.

 For your messaging convenience, this app has several features which are provided by the secrets chats available in this convenient app.

Other than encrypting your texts, you own the liberty to destroy your sender’s messages as well. This is a unique feature that is not provided by many best messaging apps.

You can access this app on several devices at the same time. available for both android and IOS users, Telegram has provided its users with enormous privacy options. The blend of security with user convenience is what sets Telegram class apart, well in this case “app-apart!”

4. Facebook messenger

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Facebook messenger can be your go-to go if you want a multi-purpose messaging tool. Messenger with over1 a billion downloads is a branch of Facebook rather than an integral part of it. you can simply download messenger for messaging purposes even if you don’t own a Facebook profile.

Let’s check the options that come with the Facebook messenger app. You are free to send different emojis, GIFs, audio, video to anyone as per your choice. While Facebook is experimenting with different features along with group video watching, video games playing, and others. These features are functional in several countries like the European nations.

Other experimentations include selfie stickers, AR effects, and message effects that the app-giant will introduce very soon.

You can opt for a one-on-one chat or group chat for up to 150 people. As I have already mentioned this app is more than just a messaging tool. It is all-in-all, so you also select themes and colors of the chat.

From the security aspect, a messenger comes fingerprint lock as well as the face ID lock. You can use it to secure your chats. However, there is a pitfall of the messenger. The app does not endorse E2E but you can do so by selecting options available.

5. Google hangouts


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I have discussed a lot of messaging tools that are generally suitable for informal chats. Now is the time that I talk about a professional chatting tool. Google hangout is a professional tool that you can use to interact with your colleagues or your business team.

What is unique about this app is that it comes with a least options. Thus, reducing the clutter that can turn the chat informal. You have all the options to share MP3 or MP4. Mostly implemented for group chats, you can conduct group video meetings.

There is also the option to conduct audio meetings, this is pretty useful in many cases. While you face internet connection difficulties, you can easily switch to audio meetings, which saves your data. You can access your chats on all your devices from cell phones to desktops. With easy usage in androids as well as IOS, you can rely upon this app for your official discussions.

You can initiate its usage by sending links and requests through Gmail. Over 1 Billion downloads, this messaging tool can accelerate your career at ease.

6. Skype

Apps for Messaging

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With over 1 billion-plus download, skype was introduced as a video calling app way back. however, it is equipped with new features and skype can be used as a great messaging tool as well.

Another great tool for professional meetups. You can do group video calls with several colleagues in a row. Even the group chatting feature comes with various interesting options.

Skype provides you with a full-screen video facility and a background blur option as well. these features make it way more reliable and comfortable. Audio and video calling facilities are available.

The “call phones” facility allows you to call overseas at affordable rates without internet usage.

While discussing, you can even record the calls and switch in the live subtitles option that aids by providing subtitles to the live discussions.

7. Whatsapp

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Whatsapp with over 1 billion user market needs very less introduction. The ever remaining blue tick and grey ticks have their significance. Blue ticks indicate your messages are read. Which you can further check the time when they were read by pressing your message, then clicking on the 3 dots at the right-hand corner. From there select the “info” option.

While the grey ticks indicate that your messages are well-delivered but remain to be read by the recipient.  

The app came in place for one-o-one chatting but it has wide popularity for its group chatting features as well. it supports a group chat with a maximum of 256 members. In the group chat, you can choose or be an admin which provides you the power to select members within the group, share links. Whatsapp has introduced new features using which only admins can send messages in the groups. This can be useful in a professional group.

You have the freedom to share any media file below 100MB. With customization options like changing the wallpapers, changing themes, Whatsapp will feel your own.

The recent upheaval about the security issues has been discarded by the company itself. With the E2E facility, your messages are safely encrypted from the manufacturer as well. so, you can opt for WhatsApp for its easy usage that blends the personal as well as professional parameters.

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With all the messaging apps discussed here, you might have found your favorite pick. Don’t hesitate on experimenting with different apps.

While boiling down your messaging options, always prioritize your needs. What is your goal with the app? Do you want to use it as a general messaging tool to chat with friends? Or are you looking for a professional messaging tool? Or are you the one who is searching for the best secured messaging apps? Answer these questions, then select the best messaging apps accordingly.

All the app has their pros and cons. I Hope, you attained all the necessary information required to choose the best messaging app. Happy messaging!

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