Top 11 Best Data Entry Software for PC

Best Data Entry Software for PC
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Top of the line Data Entry software to use in 2020. We will look at the top 11 best Data Entry software.

It is the most appealing and highly motivating job. Its importance has grown more over time. Best Data Entry means arranging, organizing, sorting of data. Data can be of any type.

It can be related to any firm or field. Data Entry does not require many skills compared to other areas where you need to have a skill set for a concerned job. But this job requires little to no skills and has a lot of scopes. 

For Data Entry, you need to have a basic knowledge of the software used for putting the data, data mining, formatting, copy-pasting, and so on. This software is readily available on the internet. There are many types of software being used for Data Entry. We will look at some of the top 11 best Data Entry software for PC.

1. (From top 11 Best Data Entry Software) UiPath 

It is one of the best and readily available software for data entry. UiPath, this easily automates web, Citrix-based, and SAP-based business processes. It also supports Microsoft Excel.

Software is used for all multiple businesses and companies. The good thing about this it is easy to use, and its hands-on experience is appreciated by many of its users. The reviews of this product are better than the other products because it is easy to use for beginners.

2. PhraseExpander

PhraseExpander is the best Data Entry software out there specially designed to use in the medical field. The second-best software is mainly used for clinics and physicians who spend more time with patients and less on the working.

It is designed for the need of medical relevant fields. It is a smart software in which it will auto-fill the rest of the columns if you provide an abbreviation. The algorithm is designed in such a way that it detects it. It starts at $59.00/year.

3. Zoho Forms

Organizing data from this software is no more a hassle. This software simplifies all the processes and lets you upload forms on the web, and look out your data with built-in apps.

This software is quick with forms as it can create forms easily with its unique built-in feature. Moreover, you can create forms with integrated logos and make one of your own.

The ease of doing forms related work will no more be a tough job with this software. As it got everything, you need. It also lets you stay updated with your data. 

 This software starts from 6.75$/month

4. (From top 11 Best Data Entry Software) AutoEntry

AutoEntry is another Data Entry software widely used for scanning invoices and bank statements. This software is easy to use and saves a lot of time for analysis work.

It has all the prerequisites installed already. This system can deal with a large number of documents and still not lag or crash. Auto Entry is the best software in the market if you are new to Data Entry, and you want to learn the basics. 

 This software’s plus point is the pricing, and it is very affordable and still competes with the top-notch entry software out there.

5. ProntoForms

ProntoForms might be one of the best software out there for one reason. The “cloud-based service.” This software assists different businesses with their mobile app.

It means they have moved past the need for the PC and other stuff. Now clients can get the job done with one mobile app.

The workers can submit invoices with just one click. No need to open your PC and spend time turning in on and then opening the software and sending invoices. Now you can do it easily with portable technology. 

 The advantage of this software is that users can submit and manage documents no matter where they are working. They can choose pre-installed templates and whatnot.

6. Capture 3.0

Capture 3.0 is a multipurpose software and used for businesses. It serves in salesforce and marketing automation. 

 This software provides facility to health care, finance, software, and services fields. It is the best friend of the salesperson. It can easily parse data from your target site and connect you to CRM and marketing. 

Capture 3.0 starts from $20.00/month/user. Though there is a free version, it does not offer a free trial.

7. PaperSurvey

Paper survey is the kind of software that educational institutions, businesses, and non-profit organizations will use.

Here is another cloud-based software and paper recognition, enabling companies to print and upload papers and questionnaires.

This software uses OMR and OCR, Optical Mark Recognition, and Optical Character Recognition and Hand Written Text Recognition, making it best for the job.

Start from $20.00/month.

8. UniCourt

As stated by the name, this software is used for legal and only legal purposes.

The software where you can do all kinds of legal work, be it a legal framework, constitutional laws, all sorts of rules, services, court papers, court documents. 

 Being legal software, it starts from $50.00/month.

 It has its drawbacks, but it has more pros than cons. So be thankful for what you have rather than complaining.

9. Medrio

As the name states, this software is used in the medical field. Be it veterinary doctor, pharmacists, health care. It helps users to create consent forms easily as compared to other software. It contains a drag and drop interface, making the job much easier and less of a hassle. 

 This software’s key features are electric signing, auditing, reporting, survey, and document management. It automatically calculates the bills’ values, exactly what medical and health care experts would need in the future. 

 It also offers mobile applications both for IOS and Android. 

 Pricing is also available on request through email or live chat. 

 10. (From top 11 Best Data Entry Software) Foxtrot

Another cloud-based data entry software for all types of businesses. It can automate manual tasks and processes. 

 This software is concerned with users in banking, finance, manufacturing, and healthcare. It’s like an all-rounder software. It includes many features, such as script centers and view centers, which are also used to create tasks. 

 Cloud-based means that you can view the document or forms from anywhere in the world. Instead of going to the office, you just need to have an app, and everything is readily available. 

 Pricing of this software is available on request. 

 11. (From top 11 Best Data Entry Software) JotForm

This is a minimalistic software used only for forms builder. This software is much better than what Google forms provide. The reviews of this software are up to expectations. You can make forms very easily compared to other software as this software is primarily designed for this thing. 


Data Entry does not require a lot of skills as compared to other fields where you need to have a skill set for a concerned job.

In the top 11 Best data entry software UiPath is one of the best and readily available software for data entry. PhraseExpander is the best Data Entry software out there specially designed to use in the medical field.

Zoho Forms simplifies all the processes and let you upload forms on the web, and look out your data with built-in apps. The ease of doing kinds of related work will no more be a tough job with this software.

 So I recommend to opt for a Data Entry software, you should go for UiPath.

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