The Digitization of COVID-19

Digitization of COVID-19 has redefined the world. The world was so competitive that people were not able to connect with their own family, relatives and friends.

In a real sense, that was social distancing under. A family where a child was not finding the space from father or working mother.

The husband-wife relationship was disturbed due to work stress from both sides. Probably Divorce ratio could have gone higher but digitization of COVID-19 has redefined the current scenario.

In some cases, it has worked positively. Though the biggest cure is found to be social distancing COVID 19 is perceived to be socialization at home rather than isolation.

It has brought olden days back where everybody is caring for their family, relatives. And friends but in the association, with hope, the next research will bring divorce ratio and depression ratio down.

Market Digitization of COVID-19

Though digitization of COVID 19 has made a financial market to be crashed. Company to cut its operation by more than 75% but every fall is an opportunity to rise with more energy.

As there is sunrise next to darkness, so is with this market and company.

When Corona will die in the next some months then the economy will bounce back. The corona has positive sentiments with some of the sectors where some company’s stock is in a green zone with Pharma too.

The ZOOM stock price is reported to be the US $ 124.51 on April 9, 2020, from the US $ 76.30 on Jan 27, 2020.

Digitization of COVID-19 on Education

The Zoom App has almost changed the face of industry in education and training. The teachers who were reluctant to be online in teaching now has par with technology. The Edu-partnership rate has almost figured to be more than 100%.

Instead of feeling depressed at home due to corona. Should invest in online education, should get equipped with new energy to find new opportunity to transform the life

The marketing industry has shaped into digital content

Through COVID 19 the sale of online content has increased by thrice almost. Digital marketing is a prominent tool for almost all sized industry from blue-chip Companies to a niche market.

The online platform has reinvented the industry in the new sense that of OYO, Zomato, Swiggy, Ola, Uber, and many more.

The common things they all have that they run through a digital platform without having their own capital expenditure in the product category.

The motive behind this article is that COVID-19 has compelled us to maintain social distancing but made us be connected digitally. There are so many cost-free tools available at Google to learn digital tactics.

If these tools are excelled, corona or another pandemic will have no effect on our financial inflows.

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