When we work on SEO for a website, we are expected to do a lot of work. This work includes finding the right keyword for the searches to conduct outreaches,  this includes a lot of work. This is where SEO extensions come in handy, with just a click and with the help of a few extensions you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the work to a large extent. That is why Chrome extensions for SEO can be a lifeSaver in such situations.

Google Chrome has captured a huge market share, which includes more than 60 percent of the share market. Let’s explore what Google Chrome has to offer. On-page, SEO has been a revolutionary tool in the field of digital marketing. With a single button click, you can install plugins that enhance productivity and effectiveness by many folds. Some Google Chrome extensions provide us with Great value that can help you with tedious tasks every day. In the end the, ultimate goal for everybody is to improve their ranking and they can specialize in audience measurement. 

So here let’s discuss some best Chrome extensions for marketers. These extensions can help you by stretching your SEO strategy and completing the task more quickly.

Let’s dive into the first 

1 Evernote web clipper

Evernote is a tool that is specialization in the note talking functionalities. SEO describes it as a business to an individual tool that helps a lot in making the life easier of a marketer. The tool is handy for saving the article after reading. The tool is isolated in the throat right side of google chrome.

When you are surfing the internet you can take a note of the specific search results, and you can use them to save the article. 

The tool is a great help because the rank of the website may change, and therefore it may become difficult to find the page later. When done this,  these pages get added to the account, and so you don’t have to go back again and again. For further use, you can organize them into notebooks and you can also assign them tags for easier understanding

2 Pockets 

Another very useful tool is to save the article and video for later to read them. Once you install the tool you can view it on the top right of Google Chrome. Similar to paper clicks pockets also have a functionality to add to make it easier to read them later on.  

The best part about the tool is that you can read the article or view the video according to your leisure time. Another feature is that it provides the article according to the reading article habits of the viewers. The app works on androids devices too and you can listen to your saved article Using text-to-speech. Incrementors inbound marketing allows you to directly switch to the page or even change the reading speed. 

3 Google’s page speed 

Delay of one. Second, it can prove very important for the success of your website. According to an estimate, a one-second delay can cause a decrease in 5% of conversion rate and customer satisfaction by 20%. Keeping a check on the response time if the website is very important. 40%of the traffic abandons the page if it takes more than 3 sec to load.  

Google page speed insight is a very important tool to measure the usability of your website. It helps you to identify the elements that are causing hindrance to the success of the website.  To use the tool you need to Dow. Load the plugins. It analyzes the website and presents the issues that need to be fixed to slow the loading time on both mobile and desktop.

4 Redirect path 

Redirection is very important. The website keeps moving to new locations, and they get deleted once your website migrates or redesigns. For the tools to work properly, you need to download the tool. From the app, below the app, you will find redirect errors in the icon changes.

It is a Great way to backlink the opportunities, and by using the tools you can redirect the chains and find the backlinks to the individual pages. 

5 Mozbar extensions 

One of the oldest tools available on the Internet is the Mozbar tool. The tool allows you to access important metrics about the webpage,  such as domain authority, link profile, and keyword highlights. The tools work in two environments, in a SERP as a toll bar while visiting the website and on-page SEO and when you search the keyword.

6 Page analytics by google

When you understand the behavior of the Google website, then page analytics is a great tool to know how your customers are interacting with the website. This tool. Provides you with many useful things. Data includes tracking your customers or visitors. Real-time. The tool allows you to see the percentage of visitors clicking a particular meta tag, and their percentage is shown. By different colors like. Red, blue, green based on. The percentage of the clicks. The tool is a great way to measure the page views, average time on page,  bounce rate, or other information.

7 SEO quake 

Just like the kobzar, there is a powerful tool that allows you to show important SERPsmetrics.  The bar shows the standard and some other important SEO standards.

Let’s look at some of the important SEO quakes

  •  It shows varied information about the SERPs which includes, backlink,  PR, number of pages indexed, and the domain age. 
  • It also allows us to use the tool to perform deeper analysis on the web page.
  • Like links, social share, and meta information. 

8  SEO information chrome extensions 

This is the powerhouse of the chrome extensions, it allows us to understand the performance data, AMP status,  and checks the error in the HTML programming.

The tool shows the important website parameters like speed, mobile compatibility, APM status, language, and more. It provides an overall solution to all the issues and provides you with overall information about the performance of your website and what can be done. Improve it. 


Incrementors inbound marketing helps make your business become a giant. So you should use the above-mentioned extensions to add more opportunities to your business.

Written by

Shiv Gupta

Shiv Gupta started his journey in the digital marketing world at the age of 17. He grabbed deep knowledge of the industry and earned multiple awards. Incrementors was founded by him to provide the best marketing solution to struggling businesses with a goal to help them achieve higher sales and conversions. Incrementors don't give fluff or “high-level” advice. They just give an insanely actionable plan that works.