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Instagram reels are short-form video format same as TikTok and allow you to create 15 to 60 seconds videos to engage your audience. Rather than posting your reels as such after you create them, you need to edit the reels video to make it appealing for your audience. This article covers the basic editing ideas you should know while using reels as well as some of the top editing apps to use for editing your reels before uploading. 

How To Add Audio To Reels

When you watch reels on your Instagram page you can see a lot of videos with audio clips that play in the background, and the basic editing skill on reels is adding audios, you should know to add the perfect audio which suits your content.

  • Go to your Instagram reels page and first record the video
  • Click on the music button 
  • Search the audio which suits your video
  • Select the sound and crop it to the lyrics which you want
  • Click on the add button to add music on your video

Now check whether the audio that you selected is added to the video and post it on the Instagram reels tab.  

How To Add Captions To Reels

Captions are an important element in Instagram reels. Write the captions which suit your content perfectly, and give clarity about the content to your audiences. Some people watch videos without turning on the sounds, adding captions to your video helps those kinds of people to know about your content. It also helps people with hearing disabilities to understand your video. When you add captions related to your content, your video gains more likes, views, comments, shares and receives more engagement.

  • Create your video 
  • Add audio which suits your video and save it
  • Now write the captions below the video 
  • Your captions should be written between 150 characters
  • After adding the perfect caption, post it on your Instagram reels

How To Shoot Reels Hands-Free

A hands-free feature that helps to record videos without holding on the record button, once you tap on the record button it shoots the video till the end. It helps you to create a full-body video while you dance and do any tasks. 

  • Open reels on your Instagram page
  • Click on the timer which is place in left of your screen
  • Select time duration between 5 to 30 seconds 
  • You can also select a pre-recording countdown that starts in 3 to 10 seconds
  • After setting the time, tap on the record button to shoot your video
  • After shooting your video, edit and post it on your reels

How To Add Filters To Reels

There are some AR filters in Instagram which is an important element to make your reels attractive to your audience. Using a blur filter will affect your engagement rate, when your engagement rate is lower you might not get popular among other users. People love watching videos rich in quality and clarity. So avoiding blur filters makes people stay engaged with your content. Adding up to filters and special effects, gain Instagram reels likes for your videos since a high number of likes is what drives people to click and watch your reels. When your engagement rate is higher your video will become more visible among more Instagram users. 

  • Click on the smiley face icon on your Instagram reels page
  • Swipe the filters left to right, you can see more creative filters
  • When you need an AR filter you should swipe till the end and select the explorer page to choose new filters
  • Choose the filter you like and shoot the video
  • After shooting the video, post it on your Instagram reels

Top Video Editing Tools

Now let’s move on to the Top 6 video editing tools (applications) for Instagram and know about the features. Before posting videos on your Instagram reels, make some edits with these advanced features provided in the editing tools to attract your audience, while everyone posts their videos without editing. 

Horizon Camera

Horizon Camera is an application that is used to shoot and edit videos for Instagram and this application is used in both android and ios mobiles. This application automatically levels the photos and videos when you shoot and converts your video to vertical format if your video is in landscape format. Editors can use filters like lossless zoom, 8 fun filters, and a video playlist with good collections. After editing your video in Horizon camera, you can post the video on other social media platforms directly. 

Video Show

It is the best Instagram video editing application, which has all the facilities as the other video editing applications. The video show app has the choice of 400 million users to access and gained 4,00,000 Five star ratings on the play store. In the video show app, you can add stickers, trim your video, and add text and audio in simple ways. This application has a special feature that allows you to draw your own creation which other applications don’t have. If you pay and subscribe to the video show app, you will receive a VIP membership plan with some excellent features such as no watermark, HD video export, adjustable sound change, long GIF video, themes, and all paid materials.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe premier rush is a popular Instagram video editing application, and you can also shoot, edit and share your videos. You can shoot your video using the adobe premier rush application with lots of features.  Adobe premier rush has a motion graphic feature that helps you to build a title that looks professional. After editing your video, you can sync it to your cloud to access the latest versions. This editing application can be used on both android and ios devices and it has both paid and free versions of editing tools.

Giphy Cam

Giphy is known as “animated images” because they are not real videos. Giphy cam is one of the video editing applications where you can create a lot of gifs and make your video funny as you can. Giphy cam has the ability to add text, audio, stickers, filters, and gifs to make your video engaging on Instagram. In this application, you can create your friends’ images or videos funny using animated gifs and click on the shooted videos from the camera roll to change them into gifs and then post them on your Instagram.


Inshot can be used in both android and ios devices. Use Inshot to edit your video perfectly to post on your Instagram page by adding your own music, text, some new special effects, and filters to your video to make it creative. Inshot has a special option that you can zoom in and zoom out the video to your wish which gives a solid view for the audience. You can combine multiple videos and photos together with blank canvases. Inshot has features like precut, duplicate, speed, and delete which are more helpful to edit your video. 


Kinemaster is one of the best mobile video editing apps since 2019, with the use of Kinemaster filters to make your Instagram video creative and entertain your audiences. This application helps you by adding text, music, trip clips, adding video clips, adding new backgrounds, etc. It has a feature that you can add your own voice cover for your video to post on Instagram. Kinemaster has a complete green screen effect which helps you to clear your background in a creative way. It has both paid and free subscriptions and in both, you can add files.


Reels provide people a new way to express themself and help anyone with the ambition of becoming a popular creator to get popular on Instagram Reels. It helps people to reach new audiences on a global stage. There are some editing effects on Instagram, try to create your video more attractive than others using these top six editing tools. Well a few years ago, you needed to edit your videos using desktops and nowadays these mobile editing applications have made our work simple. Now you can edit your video to get a professional look and post it on your Instagram. 

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Mary Kyle

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