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Do you know what blog commenting is, or you are looking for blog commenting? You are in the right place to learn in deep what is blog commenting. Let’s start.
Blog commenting is a way of creating backlinks for the website where we engaged a fair amount of traffic by commenting on another blog/website site we can also say it is part of off-page SEO. But the most crucial thing before commenting on the blog is first to read it correctly. What article gives you information,
then make a genuine comment.

What is Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a part of Off-Page SEO activity, and it is the simplest way to increase traffic on your website. While doing proper way commenting, is suitable for increasing organic traffic as well as brand awareness. Yes, blog commenting connect two people blogger and the user who comments on the blog, and it is the best part for both because a user will get backing and the blogger will get appreciation.

These days every website or blogger uses a moderation feature to delete nasty comments and unwanted comments. This is a little bit time-consuming for bloggers but this is an excellent feature to use.

Can We Do Blog Commenting on high DA Sites?

I think it is not necessary to comment on high-quality DA sites but at least have good DA between 20-30 because if you are doing in a natural way of comment, this would be mandatory to get quick approval and traffic

Why is Category wise important to do comments?

Doing comment Category wise, there are maximum chances to get approved, and it helps to get a proper way of organic traffic.
But it should be a do-follow link and a gravatar profile is a must for commenting on blog sites.

Benefits of doing blog commenting sites

More Traffic: Helps to generate more traffic to your website as well as internal posts and create quality links to your website. If you post on highly relevant blog commenting sites will help you to get more traffic by creating backlinks to another website.

Engagement: Do you how engagement work with every post and content like a user is stuck in your post and page and showing interest in it that means people enjoying your product and services and this will also help to get more traffic

Backlinks: Top blog commenting sites can assist in creating applicable do-follow backlinks. Although some blog commenting sites cannot pass link juice to your sites.
But by creating a backlink on the high authority you will get the best result of do-follow blog commenting sites

Increase social media Followers: why social media followers increase by doing blog commenting because blog commenting is way too
known each other brands by commenting on others’ sites.

How to do blog commenting in 6 steps:

  • Select the high-ranking page in the search engine
  • Select your relevant and favorite topics
  • Read the entire blog and understand the blogger’s thought
  • Scroll down and reach the comment section
  • Fill in the details section like name, email ID, website, and comment.
  • Now, Click on Publish.

List of Blog Commenting Sites

(A) List of Internet Marketing, Blogs sites – DA 37 – DA 48 – DA 69 – DA 78 – DA 53
Backlinko – DA 63
Problogger – DA 77 – DA 60 – DA 34

(B) List of Technology Blogs – DA 73 – DA 64 – DA 58 – DA 23 – DA 35

(C) List of Health & Fitness Blogs – DA 65 – DA 51 – DA 56 – DA 53 – DA 52 – DA 57

(D) List of Finance Blogs – DA 70 – DA 63 – DA 54 – DA 58 – DA 56 – DA 50

(E) List of Travel Blogs – DA 56
Velvetescape – DA 54
Theshootingstar – DA 52 – DA 58 – DA 56 – DA 78 – DA 75 – DA 76


In this article, I have explained all about blog commenting and how it will work to get a good amount of traffic on your website organically.

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