Hey! My name is Pushpa.

My Career in Digital Marketing

After graduation, I was supposed to pursue an MBA, but because of some financial crisis. I didn’t proceed with it. Simantenoulsy I was looking for more options to build my career. Guess what I find a great platform in Digital Marketing. So I decided to get into it, with my dreams and career.

In 2018 My Digital Marketing Journey was Started

After some research, I found one of the best institutes of Digital Marketing named Thadomal Shahani center for media and communication in Bandra. Bandra is quite far from my place, but anyhow, I managed to travel as I want to learn and get an expert into it. But as we all know, only learning is not essential to get expert. Unless you will not get practical knowledge. After completing my 6month course. I start working in one of the small firms of Digital Marketing, where to do work you have to learn by yourself only. As it is a small firm, so there is no training center and no one is there to train us.

And I think this is the best part of a small firm, so I say it is not only my working place it is also my internship place where is learned so many things in one year. And get more interested in Digital Marketing. But working for 9 hrs is not my cup of tea. Meanwhile, I started to work as a freelance also, which makes me realize to start my platform, but time management was difficult.

My blog Journey Started in 2020

Covid-19 and lockdown give us many bad experiences, and I felt terrible about this crisis. But it makes me learn also, and I came up with the idea to start my blog. That makes me realize from this. I can share my thoughts and experience with all, and also I can make handsome and passive income.

But the more important thing is I want to spread my knowledge and experience with my readers. It takes so long time to get reach till here, so many efforts so many learning skills, technical skills and many more.

The learning period is the best part of mine, whatever I did till now that is my learning skills and also thank youtube and some blogs that it is also helpful to me. Youtube videos solve my most of errors. It gives the best guidance with clear and appropriate information.

Trust me; Digital marketing gives you the best career opportunity where you can be your boss; you work with your flexible time. Working from home is so happing. And earn good money to fulfill your economic needs as well as get planned for adventures trips without any hesitation. It makes your schedule balanced with my family.

Also, it is very proud to say I am a confident person, self-made boss.

If you are looking to become your own boss or start a blog but did not know where to start then you are in the right place all of the information on my blog